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DIY Waste Should Be Disposed Of For FREE.

Clive Jones Thinks DIY Waste Should Be Disposed of for FREE.

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Friday, 20 October 2017

Tom Brake responds to PM statement in Brussels

“The Prime Minister cannot say one thing in Brussels and another in Britain. She needs to face down the right-wing Brexiteers in her party i... Read more »

Thursday, 19 October 2017

UK facing "fly-tipping epidemic" with 1 million incidents in a year

• Local authorities in England recorded 1,002,154 cases of fly-tipping in 2016-17, up 7% on the previous year. This is equivalent to 114 eve... Read more »

1 in 2 local authorities to see cuts to per pupil funding this year

• 83 of 150 local authorities in England will see per pupil funding fall in in real terms during 2017-18, i.e. once inflation is taken into ... Read more »

Ed Davey: Rise in violent crime shows May failing to back Britain's police

Knife crime was up 26% year-on-year, while overall crimes increased by 13%.  Follow this link for more info: http://ift.tt/2xQQEjT Read more »

Retail sales fall as shop prices see biggest rise in five years

Meanwhile, prices in the shops increased by 3.3% compared to last year, the largest annual rise since March 2012. Follow this link for more... Read more »

Labour's blank cheque on Brexit was cashed in six months ago

"Labour's Brexit blank cheque was cashed in by Theresa May six months ago, after Labour MPs were ordered to vote through Article 50... Read more »