Saturday, 2 April 2011

School Admissions Confirmed for 2012 to 2013

Lib Dem Candidate Anthony Vick at Maiden Erlegh School
The recent school admissions review, and the divisive debate over school catchment areas, would appear to be over - for now.

Wokingham's Tory executive have decided on:

* An expanded designated area for Maiden Erlegh School, to form part of a shared designated area for Bulmershe School

* A radial distance first tiebreak limited to 600m south of the A329 within the Maiden Erlegh designated area

*And an additional radial distance to alternative designated area.

Ultimately, this means, if you live South of the Wokingham road (A329) but within 600 metres of Maiden Erlegh your children will go to Maiden Erlegh. Otherwise, the further away you live from Bulmershe School the more likely your children will go to Maiden Erlegh - provided, of course, you live with in the catchment area.

Unfortunately, for many families there will be no certainty, their children may or may not be admitted in to Maiden Erlegh depending on how many children apply for a place in each given school year. 

Earley's Liberal Democrats have been campaigning for an Earley School for Earley's children for over 20 years, but we can't turn back time and make things right, instead we have to deal with the dreadful situation we are in today; and so, Earley's Lib Dems will be looking in to the possibility of expanding Maiden Erlegh to accommodate more children.

In the meantime, we would like all parents to note that Maiden Erlegh has applied to become an Academy, and, according to its website, became an Academy on the April 1st. It will therefore be able to set its own catchement area, and the local authority will have no power to intervene. We will be urging further work to be done on secondary school designated areas to take this in to account.