Monday, 12 December 2011

Community Notice: Burglaries in Earley

Earley Town Councillors Tahir Maher, Jenny Lissaman and Munir Ahmed are working hard with residents and local Police to combat the recent burglaries in the Earley area.

In support of their work we would like to pass on a Police request to members of the public asking for information on the following car:

A White BMW, Registration KP07 BFP

The police request states
"This vehicle has been seen in the North Earley area. 4 men have been seen in the car and driving round, getting out knocking on doors, looking into windows and police would like to question the occupants. If you see this vehicle please contact the police immediately on 999 stating that you are responding to an urgent request from Ringmaster. (or URN 1042 9/12)"

The Earley Liberal Democrat group would also like to pass on some Police security advice:
  • At least 80% of burglaries are committed by amateur opportunists who take advantage of open or vulnerable doors and windows, keys left in insecure ‘hiding places’ and unlocked side gates.
  • Fit a letter cage to stop someone reaching inside to open your door from the inside
  • Double lock UPVC door’s at night or if you are out during the daytime. Make sure keys are taken upstairs or put away out of sight
  • Leave a light on…it is very important not to leave your house in the dark
  • If there is no light, curtains are not drawn and no car on the drive, it’s an obvious sign to an opportunist burglary that no-one is in. At this time of year more than any other it pays to secure your home
  • Use outside lighting as security
  • If possible us an alarm to make your home more secure
  • Leave a radio on—remember to leave it on a talking channel