Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Press Release: Earley Liberal Democrats Announce ‘Goodbye Graffiti’ Campaign

Earley’s Liberal Democrats are calling for public support to help combat the growing level of graffiti vandalism occurring in Earley.

Over the coming months the Earley Liberal Democrats will be actively seeking out graffiti and arranging its removal.

“It’s well known that graffiti becomes a magnet for more graffiti,” says Cllr Tahir Maher, Leader of the Lib Dem on Earley Town Council, “We need to clean up the graffiti in Earley before it gets out of control.”

“It’s appearing all over Town at the moment,” says Anthony Vick, a Lib Dem activist, “Last week we called in the Community Wardens to remove 10 tags on one footpath alone, we’ve found more this weekend, and we’re expecting Wokingham’s Youth Offending Team to come in the New Year and whitewash a local subway.”

“We need everyone to get involved and report graffiti whenever and wherever they find it,” says Cllr David Hare, “It’s not only unsightly but it can also be threatening, especially when homes are vandalised. We want people to tell us about graffiti so we can help have it removed as quickly as possible. Wokingham Borough Council will still remove graffiti free of charge from residential properties, but if there’s a problem let us know and we’ll help”.


* Wokingham Borough Council can be contacted through its customer services department, Wokingham Direct, on 0118 974 6000 or wokinghamdirect@wokingham.gov.uk

* The Earley Liberal Democrats have set-up a dedicated graffiti hotline on 0118 3282668 and an associated email address on graffiti@earleylibdems.org