Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Press Release: Incentive Scheme with no incentives

A Press Release From Wokingham's Liberal Democrats

Lib Dems have discovered a major failing in the Conservatives’ proposed recycling rewards scheme for Wokingham Borough – which means that those who recycle the most may not get the most rewards.

Initially the Lib Dems were delighted when the Tories did a U-turn and decided to introduce an incentive scheme for recycling, especially as they had voted not to have one when the Lib Dems suggested it in September.  But when she asked how the Conservative scheme will work in practice, Sue Smith, Lib Dem Councillor for Loddon was dismayed to discover that the rewards will not necessarily go to the individuals who are the keenest recyclers.

Cllr Smith explains “The Conservatives are proposing to reward the whole of an area, not just an individual family.  So if you and your family are avid recyclers, but live in an area where others do not recycle much, you will see very few rewards. Whereas a family that doesn’t recycle much but are fortunate to live in an area where their neighbours all recycle every scrap of paper and plastic bottle, will get loads of rewards.

“That doesn’t seem fair to me. And the Conservative scheme doesn’t seem to provide much of an incentive if you can both be rewarded for hardly recycling anything and not necessarily benefit when you recycle a lot.  It’s time for another Tory rethink.”