Saturday, 31 March 2012

It's Time To Put Out The Rubbish

Following the continuing disastrous implementation of the controversial new waste collection scheme, the Liberal Democrats are calling for Gary Cowan, to resign as Executive member for the Environment at Wokingham Borough Council.

Cllr Prue Bray leader of the Lib Dems said “Gary Cowan is responsible for the council’s waste service and has presided over a catastrophic failure. The new waste scheme is not well thought out and on top of that its introduction has been one disaster after another. It descended into farce when Gary Cowan asked in a radio interview about the variety of wrong size bags that have been supplied, didn’t even have the most basic information - the correct size of the bags.

“The Liberal Democrats are committed to reducing waste and increasing recycling but we have had serious concerns about these proposed changes ever since the Conservatives first announced them. The Lib Dems raised a whole raft of problems both publically and behind the scenes and each time the Conservatives ignored us and continued to steam roller through their ill thought out scheme.”

The Conservatives have refused to listen and it is time they are held accountable for this fiasco. Gary Cowan is the person responsible – we think he should take Executive responsibility resign.