Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Press Release: It’s About Time Laurel Park Pavilion Was Re-opened, Why Was It Closed?

Cllr David Hare outside Laurel Park Pavilion
David Hare, Leader of the Earley Liberal Democrats on Earley Town Council, would like to know why his Conservative counterparts are trying to claim credit for closing Laurel Park pavilion and then re-opening it again.

David Hare says “Many Conservative Councillors on Earley Town Council also sit on the Borough Council. Bizarrely they decided to close Laurel Park pavilion and now seem to want to claim the credit for re-opening it! When what they’ve really done is close a much needed facility for nearly 3 years while they offload the cost of providing this facility from the Borough Council and on to the Town Council.”

“The Tory spin doctors are working over time”, says Lib Dem campaigner Anthony Vick, “The Conservative Amenities and Leisure Chair, Cllr Michael Firmager, is also a Borough Councillor and is partly responsible for allowing this facility to close in 2009. Since then it’s become run down, covered in graffiti, and our local sports clubs have had to move elsewhere. It’s great that it’s re-opening but they should never have closed it and let it get in to this condition.”