Friday, 27 July 2012

Conservative Councillors Pay Trumps Public Services

Last night the Conservatives decided to pay councillors who are Non Executive Directors on the three council owned companies an extra £6095 a year each. This was despite the Lib Dems asking them not to make this decision and at the very least bring it to a full Council Meeting so that a more democratic and representative decision could be made.

Yet the Conservatives refused to take this opportunity, preferring to vote through this pay increase. Cllr Tom McCann, Loddon ward, said “The decision has been taken by a tiny minority of councillors; this money could be used to fund services that have been cut like public toilets or grass cutting. These Tory councillors appear to value themselves more than public services.

The Lib Dems think it is a disgrace that Conservatives are putting their own pay first. We asked the Executive not to make this decision and were ignored. We will challenge their decision and want to see it overturned.”