Friday, 13 July 2012

Earley Lib Dems Working Hard For a Cleaner Greener Earley

A big thank you to everyone who has helped us clean up graffiti in Earley and took part in our "Goodbye Graffiti" campaign, especially Wokingham's Community Wardens and members of the Earley NAG. 

Thanks to our campaign we've managed to remove over 50+ individual tags, helping to clean up Earley's homes, schools, community centres, subways, bus shelters, street signs, phone boxes and more along the way.

[ Have you seen the artwork organised by the community wardens on the Rushey way / Kerris way subway? This is just an example of the success of the campaign and is thanks to the hard work of the  Earley NAG and our Community Wardens ].

And we're not finished yet! We've collated a list of graffiti throughout Earley and are still working with Wokingham Borough Council and its community wardens to have that removed too.

This year's campaign has now come to a close, and we've switched off our Graffiti Hotline telephone number, but given the success of the campaign we are giving serious thought to making it an annual event. In meantime, if you spot any graffiti and would like help having removed why not get in touch at , we're always happy to help.