Friday, 3 August 2012


Liberal Democrat councillors at Wokingham Borough Council will formally challenge a decision of the Conservative Executive to pay councillors who are Non Executive Directors on council owned companies an extra £6095 a year each.

The Lib Dems are concerned about whether decision making principles in the council’s constitution were adequately followed. They would like the Overview & Scrutiny Management Committee of the Council to consider the process by which the decision was made and to refer the decision back to the Executive for reconsideration.

Cllr Tom McCann, Loddon ward said “The residents of Wokingham deserve better, councillors are not volunteers. In these tough economic times it is not appropriate that councillors are to be paid more. There are examples in other councils where councillors are not paid more money to take on these roles; this is considered part of their duties. We will not sit by and let the Tories reward themselves when public services in the Borough are under funding pressure. We want the Tories to think again about doing this.”