Monday, 22 October 2012

Earley Lib Dems Call On Council To Improve Safety For Children Crossing Kilnsea Drive

Clive Jones calls for the hedge on Kilnsea Drive
to be cut to improve road safety. 
Liberal Democrat campaigners have been trying to persuade Wokingham Borough Council to install a crossing on Kilnsea Drive near to the junction with Hornbeam Close.

Nearly 500 local residents recently signed a petition demanding a crossing, this was presented to the council by local parents.

Whilst residents wait for the Council to make a decision Clive Jones local Lib Dem campaigner has asked the Highways and Planning dept to severely trim back 3 sets of Laurel bushes on Kilnsea Drive opposite the Austen House retirement home. At the moment these bushes badly obscure the view of parents and children who want to cross Kilnsea drive on their way home from Hawkedon school. Cutting them back severely will give parents and children a much better view of traffic coming the right and make their journey home much safer. It will also give the car driver a much better view of what is around the corner.

"Whilst the Council dithers something has to be done. This would not cure the problem, a crossing is still needed and the speed limit should be reduced to 20mph. says Clive Jones. "The Council has reduced speed limits around schools to 20mph it is time to extend this to the routes that are used by children walking home." says Clive.