Thursday, 11 October 2012

John Howson - Lib Dem Candidate for Police and Crime Commissioner in the Thames Valley

On November 15th elections will be held across England and Wales to elect Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs), replacing 41 Police Authorities currently managing our police force, including the Thames Valley police force which oversees policing in Wokingham, Reading and Earley.
John Howson, is the Lib Dem candidate for Thames Valley (see YouTube video below), and has a wealth of experience: an Oxfordshire Magistrate for 22 years, Vice President of the Magistrate’s Association, businessman, teacher and a victim of crime ( he was stabbed in the classroom when he was a teacher).


Amongst other things, John Howson is very keen on Speedy Justice, saying:

"...the length of time it takes between a crime occuring, particularly when somebody holds their hands up to it and is caught straight away, should be 24 hours before they're in court."

You can find out more about John Howson and how he'll act if elected on his website , facebook: , YouTube: , and Twitter: @John4PCC .