Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Success! Earley Lib Dem Action On Speeding

Clive Jones and the VAS!
Thanks to local Lib Dem pressure, action has been taken to reduce speeding in Lower Earley. 

Two Vehicle Activated Signs (VAS) have been installed in Cutbush Lane, Chatteris Way, and now Carshalton Way which flash the speeds of drivers who exceed the 30 mph speed limit.

Local Lib Dem campaigner Clive Jones said, “VAS devices warn drivers that they are exceeding the speed limit.  There is usually a marked reduction in speeding in areas where these devices are used. 

“Our recent Lib Dem survey showed that speeding is one of your top priorities - there’s more to be done, but it’s a good start!” 

Clive Jones: Asks drivers to slow down
But Clive’s campaign for safer roads doesn’t end there! Clive is now investigating a new police initiative called SpeedWatch, which gives residents the chance to be actively involved in reducing speeding in their communities. 

Clive is continuing his campaign by getting local residents to volunteer for SpeedWatch, which uses hand-held Speed Indication Devices (called SID) to record registration numbers of speeding vehicles.  Email Clive on  if you’d like to take part.

How SpeedWatch Works

Working with the police, speeding problem areas are identified and selected for action.

Residents who want to take part are trained to use a Speed Indication Device (called SID) to monitor the speed of vehicles and record the registration numbers of speeding vehicles.

 “This is a great way for residents to take direct action to reduce speeding in our neighbourhood.”

What we need: We need people!  We need enough people who feel strongly about the speed of vehicles in Earley and who can volunteer some time to carry out the SID monitoring.

Clive says, “If you are interested in helping make our roads safer, please let me know (details below) so that we can talk to the police about having our very own SID in Earley.”

To take part email Clive on