Thursday, 1 November 2012

Update: Kilnsea Drive Pedestrian Crossing

Clive Jones pleased to see the hedge
at Kilnsea Drive has been cut.
Earley's Lib Dems continue to campaign for a pedestrian crossing on Kilnsea Drive where children and parents cross on their way to and from Hawkedon Primary school.

Clive Jones asked Wokingham Borough Council to cut the hedge again, even though the Council's contractors only cut it in September, because it still hadn't been cut back far enough to improve visibility and increase  road safety for pedestrians. 

As of today, November 1st, we're pleased to see the hedge has finally been cut properly ready for when children return to school next week. 

Clive and the Earley Lib Dem team continue to campaign for road safety across Earley and for a pedestrian crossing on Kilnsea Drive.