Monday, 17 December 2012

Earley's Graffiti Re-visited

Almost a year on from our "Goodbye Graffiti" campaign we've re-visited Earley's subways and graffiti hotspots to see whether our campaign has had a lasting effect. 

During the campaign we identified over 50 graffiti tags and helped Wokingham Council successfully remove them. 

We were also able to persuade the Council's Youth Offending Service to whitewash two of our worst hit subways, and to encourage our Community Wardens to work with a local school to decorate the subway near Faygate Way with artwork proposed by its pupils.

Decorating a subway with artwork is believed to deter would be graffiti vandals, so it's interesting to see the contrast between the subway with artwork and subway which was only whitewashed.

Seeing the subways a year on (shown left) it's clear that the subway with artwork has faired far better than the subway without it. 

Also, touring the graffiti hot-spots around Earley it's noticeable that where the graffiti has been removed - the council hasn't managed to remove everything we reported yet - it hasn't returned. 

Overall, we consider our campaign to have been a success, but we're well aware there is still a lot of graffiti out there, and we haven't given up on getting it removed. Watch this space.