Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Update: Kilnsea Drive Pedestrian Crossing

Clive on Kilnsea Drive after the hedge was
cut back to improve visibility for pedestrians
thanks to pressure from the Lib Dems.
Following pressure from Lib Dem Clive Jones the need for a pedestrian crossing on Kilnsea Drive was discussed by  Earley Town Council last night. 

Wokingham Borough Council have said that a crossing will cost £50,000 and that it's unlikely to find the money any time soon, so Clive has asked Earley Town Council to formally support a pedestrian crossing on Kilnsea Drive and to provide some money to make it happen.

Last night the Town Council decided NOT to provide any money, which is unfortunate because it means the crossing is unlikely to be built in the near future, but it did agree to put the Pedestrian Crossing on its Wish List - meaning it will formally write to Wokingham Borough Council in support of the crossing.

Earley's Torys are keen  to claim credit for supporting the crossing and putting it on the Town Council's Wish List, but the truth is they have ignored resident's pleas for a crossing on Kilnsea Drive for years, and it is only thanks to Earley's Lib Dems applying political pressure and helping local petitioners that this has happened, without all the hard-work put in by Clive and the Earley Lib Dem team the Torys would still be ignoring this issue.