Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Community Notice: Local GPs Change Telephone Numbers

Thanks to pressure from the Earley Neighbourhood Action Group (http://www.earleynag.org) our local doctor's surgeries have changed their telephone numbers back to local, geographic, 0118 telephone numbers.

Previously the Brookside Group Practice, which covers Brookside, Chalfont and Winnersh, used 0844 which could cost up to 35ppm. The new telephone numbers for the surgeries are:

General line - 0118 966 9333
District Nurses - 0118 929 9475
Chaplain - 0118 929 9473

This change will impact up to 26,500 people who would previously have to have booked appointments using an 0844 number costing up to 35ppm. Phone calls will now be charged at the local rate, which will almost always be cheaper or free depending on your telephone line service provider and contract.

Full contact information is available on the BGP website at: