Thursday, 14 February 2013

Lib Dems leafleting and talking to residents near Maiden Place

Lib Dems leafleting and talking to
residents in Maiden Place on 9th February 2013
Last Saturday, Feb 9th, Liberal Democrats right across the country held a National Day of Action to highlight the changes to tax thresholds that have happened since May 2010 BECAUSE LIBERAL DEMOCRATS are in GOVERNMENT.

Liberal Democrats want fairer taxes which is why we made it our number 1 priority at the general election, so important we put it on the front cover of our manifesto.

"We want lower taxes for working people, in May 2010 as Labour left office after 13 years, someone on the minimum wage working 40 hours a week earning £12000 a year would pay £1018 in income tax. From April 6th 2013 thanks to Liberal Democrats in Government this is now just £573." says Clive Jones Lib Dem campaigner in Wokingham. "Thats help for over 20 million UK taxpayers, it would not have happened if Lib Dems were not in the Coalition Government" says Clive.

Over 1 million low income earners no longer have to pay any income tax, since May 2010 a total of 4,450 Wokingham Tax payers no longer pay any tax at all on their income.

When times are tough, with rising bills and wages not keeping pace with inflation, we want to give people real practical help. Cutting income tax will not deal with all those problems, but it will help. It will make a difference to every family in the country.

Liberal Democrats were capaigning across the country from Aberdean, Wokingham, Aylesbury, Bermonsey, Brent, Bracknell, Cardiff , Chelsford, Warrington, Cornwall,Yeovil,Solihul,Redcar,Nottingham, Harrogate, Kingston, Devon, Corby, Cheshire and kent to name just a few areas.

Lib Dem Action on Fairer Tax

  • £600 income tax cut for most workers compared to 2010.
  • Help for over 20 million UK taxpayers
  • Over 1 million low income earners no longer have to pay income tax.
  • Capital Gains Tax on the richest raised from 18% to 28%.
  • Tough new measures to crack down on tax avoidance, raising £7 billion.