Saturday, 9 February 2013

Night Time switch off for street lighting

More of Wokingham's
street lights to be turned off

Wokingham Borough has extended its night-time switch-off scheme to more residential streets in Earley.

Street lights will be switched off between midnight and 5.30 a.m. Lights will not be switched off in areas that have shops, pubs, roundabouts or traffic hazards.

Clive Jones says, “Although the switch-off scheme has been successful across the country, many residents fear it will lead to increased traffic accidents and crime. Lib Dems believe residents should be properly consulted, and that residents should be able to discuss their concerns with the Council.

“But Wokingham Tories believe sending a letter to residents telling them it’s going to happen is the same as consulting with them.

“If residents in Earley believe their street is not suitable to be included in the switch-off, your Lib Dem team believe they should have the right to challenge the Council’s decision.”

A list of roads affected is available on the Council's website here:

Contacts us by emailing if you have any concerns.