Thursday, 11 April 2013

Clive Jones writes to the Reading Chronicle on the new Sainsbury's at Maiden Place

Dear Sir,

I write regarding your front page article in your Woodley & Earley edition of Thursday 4th April reporting on the Sainsbury's convenience Supermarket development at Maiden Place, Lower Earley. Wokingham Borough Council Planning committee have approved an application by Sainsbury's to be allowed to deliver to the proposed new convenience store on Sundays and bank holidays between 11.00am and 3.00pm.

Local Conservative Councillors for Hawkedon ward Michael Firmager and Guy Grandison have both said that they disagree with the Planning committees decision, indeed Cllr Firmager was astounded that it had been approved.

I really find this approach by these two Councillors to be very strange. Do they not know that up and down the country Convenience stores such as the one planned by Sainsbury's are allowed to have deliveries on Sundays, usually provided that they are in the middle of the day and not the early morning or evening, so similar to the time requested by Sainsbury's.

The Conservatives think they are the party of business! Clearly not these two, they don't understand why it is necessary for Sainsbury's to be able to deliver to a convenience store on a Sunday. This is how the store will maintain stocks of fresh bread, milk and vegetables. Perhaps they think that the Co-op Convenience store on Wokingham Road not too far away from Maiden Place should also not have deliveries on a Sunday.

Your article reinforced what we found when we knocked on doors in Maiden Place in February; that the residents were not too concerned about Sunday deliveries, Lib Dems delivered a leaflet to each house in the area advising the residents that Sainsbury's had put in an application for Sunday deliveries and they had until 12th February to make their comments to Wokingham Borough Council. What did the Tories do......nothing, except complain after the event.

If the Tories had knocked on any doors they would have found that the issue that concerns Maiden Place residents the most is whether there is enough Car park spaces in the area to cope with a possible increase in traffic when Sainsbury's opens.

Should anyone want to see our leaflet it is available on the Earley Liberal Democrats website [see newsletters here]


Clive Jones.
Vice Chair,
Earley Liberal Democrats