Thursday, 18 July 2013

Police Warn of Opportunistic Summer Burglaries

Cat Burglar sneaks through window...
Police are warning of a spate of opportunistic burglaries as criminals make the most of the hot weather gaining entry through open doors and windows.

Police are now urging residents to make sure they keep their houses secure during hot weather and are advising residents to take the following precautions:

 • Don't leave your house unattended with windows and doors unlocked even if it is “just for a minute”.

 • Don't leave car keys near to front doors where they can be “fished” or “hooked” out through the letter box.

 • Remember to remove keys from locked windows and keep them out of sight.

 • Spare keys should never be left in a convenient hiding place such as under the door mat or in a flower pot – a thief will look there first.

 • Easily accessible upstairs windows, every downstairs window and those that can't be seen from the street, should be fitted with key operated window locks.

 • High priced items such as jewellery and credit cards should be kept out of sight