Friday, 11 October 2013


Clive Jones, campaigning in Earley
for slower traffic on our roads. 
We're proud to have been campaigning alongside parents and local residents for improved road safety on Kilnsea Drive.

Anthony Vick, a Lib Dem campaigner for Hawkedon Ward, helped collect 427 signatures for a petition calling on Wokingham Borough Council to improve road safety and provide a pedestrian crossing for school children using Kilnsea Drive.

Fellow Lib Dem, Clive Jones, supported the campaign, exerting pressure on both the Town and Borough Councils for funding and ensuring a dangerously overgrown hedge, which was obscuring pedestrians' visibility, was cut back.

Anthony Vick commented, “Residents have been congratulating me all week long after they received a newsletter telling them about the proposed new signs, but we didn't receive an official response from Wokingham Borough Council until yesterday. They haven't agreed to a pedestrian crossing but have agreed to install two 20mph School Children Crossing signs which will flash whilst children are crossing. I think it's wonderful news and I'd like to thank everyone involved.”

“We're so pleased", responded Clive Jones, "we've been working for this for over a year now, it's great news that something will finally be done to improve road safety and slow down the traffic on Kilnsea Drive.”

The Council's full report can be read on-line at: