Tuesday, 15 October 2013


Picture of John McCormick's book
John McCormick, professor of political science at Indiana University, has come up with the following Top Ten list of Reasons to like the EU:

  • It has helped bring a lasting peace to Europe. 
  • Mainly through the single market, it has promoted prosperity, innovation, opportunity and choice. 
  • Also thanks to the single market, it has raised standards and expectations. 
  • It has helped Europeans understand their shared values and what they have in common. 
  • It has reduced – yes, reduced – regulation and red tape by harmonizing national laws in numerous areas of policy. 
  • It has helped replace self-interest with shared interests, and exclusion with inclusion. 
  • It has promoted democracy and free markets at home and abroad. 
  • By bringing together 28 governments and more than 500 million people, it has allowed Europe to speak with a louder voice. 
  • It offers a benchmark model of civilian power, showing what can be achieved through peace rather than the threat or use of violence. 
  • It has encouraged a rules-based approach to international affairs. 

If you'd like to read more from John McCormick you may want to take a look at his latest book Why Europe Matters: The Case for the European Union on Amazon.

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