Friday, 20 December 2013

ELMS FIELD UPDATE: Planning Applications Withdrawn

A message from Cllr Prue Bray on Elms Field:

An amazing thing has happened. The Council has withdrawn both the Elms Field and the Peach Place planning applications for revision.
I don't know how significant these "revisions" are going to be, but at least we can have Christmas without having to worry about getting our objections to the planning application in by 3rd January.

Remember after the meeting on 4th December when I said it was not the end of the campaign to save Elms Field? To many of you it felt like the end when the Conservatives refused to listen at that meeting, and voted to continue. But we carried on campaigning, and just maybe the pressure is beginning to have an effect.

How on earth the councillors who are in charge of this could have let it get this far before deciding there were things wrong with the applications I do not know. On 4th December we asked for a pause and a rethink. They refused. But now they seem to be doing it anyway.... Who knows what the New Year will bring?

Have a great Christmas everyone. 

Best Wishes

Prue Bray