Tuesday, 10 December 2013


Clive Jones, the new Liberal Democrat
prospective Parliamentary Candidate
for Wokingham.
The new Liberal Democrat prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Wokingham, Clive Jones, attended the Extraordinary Council Meeting held at St Crispin’s School on the 4th December to oppose the Tory plan to concrete over Elms Field in Wokingham town centre.

Clive Jones says, “It was really good to see so many Wokingham residents at last night’s Extraordinary Council meeting at St Crispin’s School. Of the over 400 residents at the meeting, very few were in favour of the Tory bosses’ proposal to develop the public parkland in the heart of Wokingham. In fact it was only the Conservative Councillors and about 15 others.”

He said that the vast majority of those present want there to be some kind of regeneration in Wokingham town after years of neglect of the town centre by the Tory controlled Town and Borough Councils, but says that regenerating the town does not mean having to build shops and houses on Elms Field, and residents came to the meeting to show their opposition to the Tory plan.

Clive Jones added, "Some residents didn't feel they were being listened to in the debate, and I'm impressed that they stood their ground and demanded that their questions be answered properly. The Tories can no longer be under any illusions about the strength of feeling there is against their development plans."

At the end of the debate only the Conservative Councillor Corrie's motion was put to the Council. His motion was that the Council continue with its plans, and this was carried by the Conservative majority on the Council. Clive Jones said, “It was quite wrong to only accept the Tory motion. This motion was already prepared and showed that the Tories had no intention of listening to residents.

“A Lib Dem motion for a rethink over a period of 3 months, when hopefully more sensible plans could have been brought forward, was refused by the Mayor. Residents were furious that the Tories had dismissed their contributions to the debate.

“This is the Tory version of consultation: have a special meeting for a debate, and then vote to carry on with exactly what they wanted to do in the first place. The Tories just don’t listen.”