Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Earley Town Council by-election called

Steve Scarrott has been chosen to
stand as the Lib Dem candidate 
in the St Nicolas by-election.
A Tory Councillor has been kicked off the Town Council after failing to show up to a single meeting in six months.

David Hare, Lib Dem Town Councillor told us, “This is taking Tory complacency too far. Why on earth did she stand for election if she didn’t intend to turn up and do the work?

“Your local councillors are elected to serve and represent residents and we expect our councillors to take the job seriously and to work hard. Residents deserve better than this.”

It has been revealed that Tory bosses at the Town Council tried to do a backroom deal to re-install the disgraced councillor, but David Hare told them if they wanted her back they’d have to put her up for re- election and let the voters decide.

Councillor Hare said he was disgusted that a Tory Councillor had said there was no point in having a by-election as it was a ‘safe Tory seat’.

David Hare said, “This is a prime example of Tory complacency. We believe that it is for residents to decide, not the Tories.

“I believe Earley residents will choose a candidate who shows they care about their neighbourhood and who will work hard.”

The by-election for the St Nicolas ward will take place on Thursday 27th March.