Tuesday, 18 March 2014


One of the two 20mph signs now on
Kilnsea Drive thanks to the 
We're pleased to see the new 20mph "School Children" crossing signs have finally been put on Kilnsea Drive.

We've been campaigned for improved road safety on Kilnsea Drive for a while, alongside local parents, and in September 2012, one of our campaigners jointly submitted a petition alongside a local mum to Wokingham Borough Council, asking it to take a look at the road's safety and consider putting in a crossing or funding a lolly pop lady - and also to get a round to cutting the overgrown hedge which was blocking the view of pedestrians trying to cross the road.

Frankly, initially things didn't look very promising, and the Council appeared to be unwilling to act on our suggestions, but after it investigated the road's safety as a result of receiving the petition (see the full report here ), it agreed to implement these 20mph signs (- those of you who walk this route regularly will also be aware that the hedge was finaly cut too!).

They're not quite what we ask for, or where we would necessary have liked them, but we think they're a definite improvement on how things were before - we hope you do too. Thank you to everyone who signed the petition and helped to make this happen.