Saturday, 10 May 2014

Liberal Democrat Manifesto for the 2014 Wokingham Borough Council Elections

Heading from Wokingham Lib Dem Election Manifesto 2014
The Wokingham Lib Dem manifesto for the 2014 Wokingham Borough Council elections, is based on four major themes:
1: Standing up for all communities;
2: Listening to residents;
3: Protecting the vulnerable;
4: Spending your money wisely.

If the Liberal Democrats were running Wokingham Borough Council, we would:

Replace the Conservatives' £95 million ill-judged Wokingham town centre regeneration with a 21st Century scheme for a sustainable future that keeps green space , helps existing businesses and can be rolled out to other areas - at less than one quarter of the cost;
● Reduce the cost of the £60 garden waste collection, which is subsidising other services;
● Consult residents on major issues BEFORE decisions are made, giving a genuine chance to influence outcomes;
● Take action to reduce problem parking by moving to council-run parking enforcement;
● Stop waste and make services better with sharper management of the council's £100 million worth of contracts;
● Work with schools towards closing what is currently the widest educational gap in the country between high and low achievers;
Bring NHS and council care services closer together to improve people's experience of the system, and provide better value for money
Focus on infrastructure, including flood prevention and reducing disruption due to congestion;
● End 'jobs for the boys', by cutting down on the extra money paid to councillors for roles which are done for no extra pay in other council areas