Wednesday, 7 May 2014

What would EARLEY be like with the LIBERAL DEMOCRATS in charge!

A fairer share for Earley!

The Lib Dems will replace the crazy £95 million Tory plans to regenerate the town centre with their own 21st century plan for a sustainable future that keeps green space and helps existing businesses, AT A THIRD OF THE COST!

Improved education standards

The Lib Dems will work with schools to close one of the worst educational gaps in the country between high and low achievers. We will act to improve availability of school places for local children.

Waste stopped - services made better

The Lib Dems will stop waste and make services better with sharper management of the Council’s £100 million worth of contracts.

Cheaper garden waste collection

The Lib Dems will reduce the cost of the £60 a year garden waste collection. The Tories make a profit of up to £20 a year from every resident who uses the service - that’s YOUR money in the bin! We aim to bring in a one-off charge instead of the Tory ripoff annual charge.

Action to sort parking problems

The Lib Dems will take action to reduce problem parking by bringing in Council-run enforcement.

Action to sort traffic congestion and flooding

The Lib Dems will focus on infrastructure and reducing disruption due to traffic congestion, and will apply for EU funding for flood defences.

Axe “jobs for the boys"

The Lib Dems will axe “jobs for the boys” by removing special allowances currently paid to 11 Tory councillors for roles done for no extra money in other councils across the country.

We’ll talk to you first!

The Lib Dems will consult residents on major issues BEFORE decisions are made!

Our priorities:

  • Standing up for all communities 
  • Listening to residents 
  • Protecting the vulnerable 
  • Spending your money wisely