Thursday, 17 July 2014

Community Notice: Changes to Earley's Bus Service

Earley's bus service changed on July 7th, so we thought it may help residents if we provided a quick round up of the changes and a summary of the new service:
  • Claret 20 & 20a: These buses have now been cancelled and have been replaced by the 19a 19b and 19c service.

  • Claret 21: This bus will retain its current route and will run a 10 minute peak-time service. From September 1st the service will run 24 hours a day (half hourly after 11pm). The 21a, to be introduced later, will terminate at Reading University. 

  • The Nineteens: The current 19/19a has been replaced by a new service.

  • The 19a and 19c: will travel to and from Reading through Earley - via the University's Earley Gate, Silverdale Rd, Gypsy Lane and Loddon Bridge by The George - to Woodley. 

  • The 19b will serve Lower Earley travelling to and from Reading through Beech Lane, down Carshalton Way, down Chatteris Way/Cutbush Lane and on to Asda.
Maps and timetables for these bus services may be viewed and downloaded from Reading Buses' website:
If you have any comments or thoughts on how to improve the bus service please get in touch. We would like to hear from you.