Friday, 8 August 2014


Local Lib Dems are disappointed that Conservative councillors at Wokingham Borough Council have trumpeted a survey of business owners that shows support for town centre regeneration, when the survey says nothing new.

Cllr Lindsay Ferris deputy leader of the Lib Dems said, “Well I hope the Conservatives did not waste taxpayer’s money to fund this survey, as it tells us nothing new. Since regeneration plans were first thought about, a majority of residents and businesses agree that regeneration is necessary. BUT what form will this Regeneration take? That is the key issue. At Lib Dem consultations and meetings with the public and businesses earlier this year on our Alternative Regeneration Proposals, this was what people were most concerned about and interested in.

Our alternatives have support and do NOT include building on green space at Elms Field. They do include supporting and developing the retail businesses in the town centre with new ideas such as a click and collect website and service for all the shops.

The Conservatives should not be wasting public money but should follow the Lib Dem example and come up with innovative and up to date plans for regeneration that are shared with residents and businesses so we get the best regeneration and not an out of date, costly and unpopular plan.”