Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Call for Resignation for absent Wokingham Council Executive Member

Clive Jones, Liberal Democrat prospective parliamentary candidate for Wokingham says,

"Charlotte Haitham-Taylor should resign her position as Executive member for Children's Services and Education immediately. There is no way she can concentrate properly on her very important role protecting children and developing education in Wokingham, whilst at the same time spending several days a week 240 miles away in north-west Durham.

"She is not doing her job properly. Wokingham residents and particular Wokingham children deserve better from their Councillors. Mrs Haitham Taylor is treating her very important role with contempt. By becoming a Conservative PPC so far away she is concentrating on what she sees as her parliamentary career rather her responsibilities in Wokingham. She has to resign her executive role."

Her new role will surely mean that her attention to her Executive member role in Wokingham will suffer. She is in charge of a particular sensitive area of the Councils work and we cant have her fitting in her work here around her visits to Durham which will involve being away from Wokingham for several days a week.

Additionally, if she has moved to Shotley Bridge in the North-West Durham constituency, as the local papers there have reported, she should resign her seat on Wokingham Borough Council.