Sunday, 5 October 2014

Another serious accident in Lower Earley Way !

Road closed - Car being taken away.
Car crosses cycleway goes through the fence and into the bushes !
Liberal Democrats have been calling for the roundabout at the junction of Meldreth Way and Lower Earley to be re designed following numerous accidents.
The Cycleway has been open a week and already we have an accident that crosses the cycleway and destroys the new wooden fence. What if someone had been passing here on their bike !
Clive Jones, Liberal Democrat Hawkedon ward campaigner and Parliamentary campaigner for Wokingham calls again for the Wokingham Borough Council to do something about this roundabout.
"There have been many promises of action over the last 4 years that I know of, yet nothing is done and nothing is planned to be done. Why do we have to wait for there to be a serious accident or fatality", says Clive Jones.
The Leadership of our Council know this is a problem. During wet weather this can happen twice a month. Why wont they act to protect residents.