Sunday, 12 October 2014

Local Liberal Democrat Clive Jones Visits Hong Kong Protesters

Whilst on a business trip to Hong Kong Clive Jones twice visited the very peaceful demonstration that has been taking place for nearly two weeks in several locations in Hong Kong.

On Friday 10th October there were over 100,000 people occupying the government district on Hong Kong Island.

"It was an incredible site, to see over 100,000 people, mainly students sitting peacefully in the roads around the Provinces Legislature and the Chief Ministers Office. Watched by only a few policemen and no evidence of any Red Army units", says Clive Jones, Liberal Democrat Parliamentary candidate for Wokingham.

Thousands have set up tents in the roads and were watching TV and films on Ipads. Free food and drinks were available from well wishers.

Just imagine the equivalent of this in the UK. It would be protesters occupying Parliament Square, Trafalgar Square, Horse Guards Parade and Downing Street to within a few yards of our famous front door. All this happening peacefully, watched by only a few dozen policeman.

"There has been no looting, no smashing of shop windows, no vehicles being burnt. In amongst all these people there was an Audi garage, its huge windows intact and cars still in the showroom. Could this happen in Europe?" asks Clive

Clive chatted with some of the demonstrators. They are asking for the right to free elections. It is being proposed that all candidates for elections will have to be approved by the Chinese Communist party. This means there wont be any independent or pro democracy candidates standing for election to the Legislature or for the Office of Chief Minister. A strange version of democracy.