Monday, 6 October 2014


Clive Jones met with the Head of CAMRA public affairs at the Liberal Democrat conference in Glasgow. Clive signs up to the CAMRA manifesto which aims to, " End the conversion of pubs into other uses without planning permission"

Clive also meet with Lib Dem MP, Greg Mulholland, Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Save the Pub group.

"Sadly we may have reached the end of the road as far as the Maiden Over in Earley is concerned but we have to find a away of way of stopping two pubs a week becoming convenience stores.

Wokingham's planning Committee reversed it decision to grant an Article 4 direction after receiving a letter from a convenience store suggesting that compensation may be payable.

It should be noted that there is NO example of a local authority paying compensation as a result of an article 4 Direction, perhaps Wokingham have acted hastily here." says Clive Jones.