Sunday, 23 November 2014

Action at last at Meldreth Way roundabout

Clive Jones, Lower Earley Way and Meldreth Way
Liberal Democrat Parliamentary candidate for Wokingham, Clive Jones welcomes the "temporary" measures that have been put in place at the roundabout on Lower Earley Way at the end of Meldreth Way.

Over the last few weeks several cars have lost control at the roundabout, crossed the brand new cycleway crashed through the fence and landed in the ditch. Its unlikely speed is a factor as no one has been hurt in these incidents.

"At last someone at Wokingham Borough Council is listening and doing something about this dangerous roundabout. I would still like to see rumble strips and have the adverse camber on the roundabout removed. But this is a good start.

Liberal Democrats have campaigned for over 4 years to have something done at the roundabout. I am pleased that now we have a new highways chief at Wokingham Borough Council something is being done.  This is progress that residents will welcome.

Local Conservative Councillors in Earley have been too afraid to stand up to the previous Highways Cllr. Keith Baker who refused to accept that there was a problem at the roundabout, that's why its taken so long to get something done." says Clive