Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Another accident on Lower Earley Way

Yet another car crashes near the Meldreth Way
& Lower Earley Way Roundabout.
This car went into the ditch near to Meldreth Way, Lower Earley. early on Friday 30th October when the road was wet.
Clive Jones has written to Cllr. John Kaiser the Wokingham Borough Council Executive member for Highways asking that he urgently gets something done about the problem at the Meldreth Way roundabout in Lower Earley.
Liberal Democrats have been campaigning for several years to have something done at this black spot.
This is the second car to loose control at the roundabout in 3 weeks. Excessive speed is very unlikely to be a factor in these accidents as there are no injuries to the drivers. Had the car been travelling at speed someone would no doubt be hurt.
Keith Baker, the current Wokingham Borough Council leader,  was until June the Highways chief. He kept saying there was no evidence that there was a problem so the council was not going to do anything. We are now giving the Police and Council the evidence that there is a problem at the roundabout by providing the photographic evidence of these accidents.
And another. November 3rd.
Clive Jones says “ I am asking John Kaiser the Highways chief in Wokingham to take some urgent action to make this roundabout safer in the wet. I would like rumble strips to be added as a matter of urgency to encourage drivers to reduce speed. I would also like the adverse camber on the roundabout to be corrected as quickly as possible. If these measures don't work, a final measure would be to reduce the number of lanes from 2 to 1 as traffic approached the roundabout.
We cannot risk more accidents over the winter when the roads are wet. Wokingham Borough Council has to act quickly.