Friday, 30 January 2015

Lib Dems lead the way to get a reduction in noise on the M4 motorway which passes through Winnersh, Lower Earley and Shinfield.

Clive Jones, Liberal Democrat prospective Parliamentary candidate for Wokingham has had meetings with senior people from the Highways Agency. "I wrote to the Chief Executive and asked for a meeting to discuss how the Highways agency could reduce the noise from the M4 around our community. He referred me to senior members of his staff who I met with twice in November 2014." says Clive Jones

Clive invited them to visit Lower Earley and see the issue for themselves, asking them to specifically look at the flimsy fencing alongside the motorway. This they did. From a subsequent meeting I am hopeful that following this visit the fence will be replaced by a proper acoustic Fence.

Focus leaflet delivered to 5,600 houses in Lower Earley between the 29th November and 16th December 2014.

Clive says, "After my first meeting with them it was clear that they were only planning to resurface 4 lanes (two each side) with low noise tarmac. I spoke to them about the numbers of people living near to the M4 and what an improvement to their lives low noise tarmac would bring. At our second meeting a few days later I was shown plans which had all 8 lanes running from Junction 11 to junction 10 as having low noise tarmac. All this was in November last year."

" I am having on-going discussions with the Highways agency to get noise levels reduced even further.

At last night's meeting of the Executive of Wokingham Borough Council, Cllr. Norman Jorgensen asked the council to request the highways agency to put in 4 lanes of low noise tarmac. The head of Highways agreed to do this. They all praised John Redwood for his efforts on our behalf. None of them were aware of the work that I had already done with the Highways Agency.

"Perhaps Mr Redwood was too busy with his outside business interests to work on behalf of his constituents. John Redwood who has been the MP here for nearly 28 years writes letters. I have meetings and get things done" says Clive Jones.