Friday, 20 February 2015

Conservatives Capital Plans are Pie in the Sky

At last night’s Wokingham Borough Council meeting the Lib Dems attacked the Conservative’s capital plans which contains a whopping £63 million black hole.

Lindsay Ferris (Twyford ward) said “The Lib Dem Group says No, No, No to this Capital Programme and asks for Years 2 & 3 of the Capital Programme to be referred to Scrutiny with the aim of presenting a more viable scheme at the July Full Council Meeting. This capital programme needs a serious rethink.

In all the time I have been a councillor on Wokingham Borough Council, both now and before, I have never seen such a chaotic, unsustainable and risky Capital Programme as that which is presented to us here tonight.

The Conservatives trumpet a £95million programme for the coming year, yet fail to point out that £41million of this is not new investment but was announced last year. They haven’t delivered investment in the past yet the Conservatives are making more promises than ever for the future. Without more clarity about how this will be paid for their capital plans are just pie in the sky.”