Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Clive Jones questions Health Minister

Clive Jones with Norman Lamb, Lib Dem Minister for Health.
Clive Jones questioned the Rt Hon. Norman Lamb, Lib Dem Minister for health at the Lib Dem Spring conference in Liverpool 13-15th March 2015.

Clive's question was," By and large GP's do a good job in diagnosing cancer. Since having the disease myself I have found many people who have had a delayed diagnosis for a variety of reasons. When you return to the Health Ministry after May 7th will you specifically look at working with GP's to improve the early diagnosis of cancer."

Norman replied that he would certainly be doing that to improve the diagnosis skills of GP's and improving the public's awareness of what signs to look for.

"25% of cancer patients are diagnosed late giving them a reduced chance of survival. The skills of GP's must be improved and also the public's awareness of what needs to looked for has to be improved.

If the same standards of our best areas were spread across the whole country. An extra 20,000 people a year would be saved", said Norman Lamb.

Clive Jones has stated that if he is elected as MP for Wokingham at the general Election that improving the lives of cancer patients would be one of his priorities.

"As a cancer survivor myself I know how important early diagnosis of this awful disease is. I was very pleased to be able to question the Minister about this subject and to get his assurance that he would do more in the next Parliament.", says Clive Jones.