Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Clive Jones calls for a fair road to recovery

Economic ‘red line’ - stability budget

Clive Jones, Liberal Democrat candidate for Wokingham says, “ Its been a difficult five years working with the Conservatives. Since the beginning of this campaign they have shown how they would govern if they were allowed to by themselves. They would balance the books on the backs of the working poor. They would not balance them fairly.

“Liberal Democrats would deliver a stability budget to ensure the government sticks to a fair road to recovery, I am delighted that Nick Clegg is drawing this red line in the sand”.

Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg has drawn in the sand an economic 'red line' for potential coalition negotiations.

The Deputy Prime Minister says it is only thanks to Liberal Democrats that the country has the stability to deal with the deficit and restore growth and will call for a ‘Stability Budget’ within the first 50 days of the next Parliament.

Following on from his commitment on education spending, Nick will set out the red line to ensure any future coalition government involving the Liberal Democrats sticks to the economic path to recovery which the party has secured.