Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Don't sell off the BBC says Clive Jones

Clive Jones, Liberal democrat Parliamentary spokesman for Wokingham says, " The BBC as we know it today is in danger of being broken up by the Conservative government for ideological reasons.

"The Conservatives cant' cope with the fact that the BBC a huge business and world class leader in its field is not privatised so that "private enterprise" can turn a profit out of the services provided by the BBC.

"Over the coming months there will be consultations about the future of the BBC. The BBC should remain in the hands of all the citizens of the UK who pay a reasonable price for all the services it delivers through the license fee. Putting the BBC in the hands of private enterprise will put the costs up to the end user YOU and I, making it several times more expensive than it is today".

To take part in the consultation go to the Department of Culture website. or write to your MP at the House of Commons, London SW1A OAA urging them to leave the BBC alone and leave it as it is.