Saturday, 1 August 2015

Tory U-turn on the introduction of a cap on care costs

The Liberal Democrats in the Coalition government introduced a cap on care costs that was due to come into effect in April 2016 of £72,000 a year. Now that the Liberal democrats are no longer government the Conservatives have seen fit to scrap this cap.

Clive Jones, Liberal Democrat Parliamentary spokesman for Wokingham says, " Be in no doubt, this is not a delay. The Tories are abandoning the cap. George Osborne never supported this, and Labour were only half hearted in support. The cap was only secured because Liberal Democrats negotiated it in coalition.

"This an extraordinary and devastating U-turn from the Tories. It is an outrageous betrayal of people at their most weak and most frail, with conditions like dementia. Crippling care costs need addressing urgently. In Coalition Liberal Democrats designed a solution that would help and was affordable.

"Local authorities have spent millions already preparing for the introduction of the cap, yet we now hear the Tories are turning their back on it. This delay is a total waste of public money.

"The distress and heartbreak that people feel when a loved one is in care, is being exacerbated by the fear of how to pay for it. We must not allow this to continue".

There's no possibility that the finances of social care will be any easier in 2020. They have broken a clear promise in their manifesto within weeks of grabbing power on their own, and decided to prioritise tax cuts for the wealthy.