Monday, 7 March 2016

Blue Refuse Bags being delivered now

Wokingham Borough Council are now delivering the blue bin bags for next year's refuse collection.

You should receive 80 bags (or more) by the 1st April: you can find out exactly when your bags should be delivered here:

Remember when the bags delivered were all different sizes?!
Let us know if you receive faulty or undersized bags.
Don't worry if you use a communal bin, e.g. for flats, and haven't received any bags - the Council doesn't supply them to you, you'll have to use your own.

If you live in a household of 5 or more and need more blue bags you can request 20 extra bags for free - phone 0118 974 6000 or email:

Extra bags may also be purchased at £4 for 10 bags. A list of locations where they are sold is provided here: