Thursday, 4 August 2016

Conservative councillor to apologise for grass-cutting shambles

Many residents have contacted WBC councillors over the past few months to complain about the state of the grass across the whole Borough. In many places the grass was left and grew to over 18 inches high. This has made many communal areas where local residents take their children, or walk their dogs unusable and in some places dangerous. Many verges have also been left uncut or with only a single strip along the edge being mown.

The problems with the grass-cutting arose after the implementation of a new grass-cutting contract which was intended to improve flexibility and biodiversity but has left residents furious at the state in which the grass was left.

At the Wokingham Borough Council meeting on 21st July, the Liberal Democrat Group called for an apology from Angus Ross, the Conservative councillor responsible for the contract, and for a clear plan to avoid problems in the future. This was supported by the rest of the council. Councillor Ross acknowledged there had been problems and agreed to apologise to the public.

Speaking after the meeting, Councillor Lindsay Ferris, Deputy Leader of the Lib Dem Group and councillor for Twyford said “We would all like to thank the officer team at the council who have spent so much time and effort sorting out the grass-cutting problems since April. But they should not have had to do it. If the implementation of the contract had been properly planned, most of the problems could have been avoided. The responsibility lies with Councillor Ross, as it is his job to oversee the service. We are glad that he has recognised the need to apologise to residents, and we expect him to explain how he will ensure the contract is better managed going forward.”