Tuesday, 27 September 2016

M4 Smart Motorway Update

The Transport Minister has finally given the go ahead to Highways England's plans to turn the M4 motorway, from J3 to J12, into a ‘smart motorway’.

But while this may mean less congestion and faster journey times, it could mean more noise too.

The essential points of the plan are to ;

  • turn the hard shoulders into a fourth running lane for vehicles
  • lay low noise tarmac along all four lanes
  • erect a 2.5m high acoustic barriers along parts of the motorway :
       - 2126 m along the east bound section (covering parts of Lower Earley)
       - 125 m along the west bound section (at Cutbush Lane).

Campaigner Clive Jones and Councillor John Russell have been trying to make sure Highways England and the Planning Inspectors have been making decisions in the best interests of local residents.

John has prepared a 'smart motorway noise fact file' describing what has been proposed, how it was scrutinised and setting out the issues that decided the final outcome (read it here: www.earleylibdems.org/m4Facts).

Clive, who has been actively campaigning on this issue over many years, sets out what he has been
doing on your behalf through the entire process (read it here:

We’ll be keeping this page updated, so come back for more information on the new-look M4.