Thursday, 27 October 2016

Richmond Park by-election - how you can help

Over the next five weeks, we'll be fighting a Parliamentary by-election caused by Zac Goldsmith's resignation - the Liberal Democrats held this seat until 2015 and we're the clear challengers to Zac.

Electing a Lib Dem MP in Richmond Park will send a strong message to the Tory Government not just on Heathrow, but on Brexit too. It’s a tremendous opportunity for people to give their verdict on the direction Theresa May’s new government is taking our country.
Zac Goldsmith is running as an Independent in name only – he will be backed by Conservatives  who aren’t running a candidate against him. 

But we need all hands on deck - and how good a result we get in Richmond Park will be 100% down to what you can do - so, here's a few ways you can help:

Follow this link for more info: