Saturday, 1 April 2017

Minister Confirms DIY Waste Should Be Disposed of for FREE.

Earley Team at Re3
"Local lib Dems are delighted that following a question in the House of Lords by Lib Dem Environment spokesperson Baroness Kate Parminter, that it has been confirmed that DIY waste should be disposed of for free.

"The minister Lord Bourne, has made it absolutely clear that DIY waste is household waste and should therefore be disposed of for free", says Cllr Clive Jones, Lib Dem Environment spokesman on Wokingham Borough Council. (Baroness Parminters question and the Ministers reply are in the notes below.)

Liberal Democrats having been campaigning to persuade Wokingham Borough Council and re3 (the operators for waste disposal for Reading Borough Council, Woking Borough Council and Bracknell Forest Council) that the charges for DIY waste disposal should be scrapped. Re3 have refused to do this claiming that their charges are legal. (Their press release of 31st January 2017 is in the following notes.)

"The reply from Lord Bourne of Aberystwyth, a Minister in the  Department for Communities and Local Government clearly states that there should not be any charges for DIY waste disposal.
"We once again call on re3 and the three councils involved to scrap these unlawful charges, AND this time we expect them to TAKE NOTICE of us. We have the Ministers support. Surely re3 and the three councils cannot defy a government Minister", says Councillor Jones.