Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Election Update for Maiden Erlegh. Read About Lib Dem Candidate Tahir Maher.

ELD Newsletter. Maiden Erlegh. Tahir Maher
Our Candidate for the Maiden Erlegh ward is Tahir Maher.

Tahir has lived in Earley for 15 years.

Tahir’s sons went to Maiden Erlegh school.

He has experience of being a councillor for 8 years at Earley Town Council. 

Tahir was one of the founder members of Arthritis Matters, a local charity. 

Tahir was also a founder member of another local charity that aids disabled children and their families. 

Tahir is an Accountant and was the Head of Finance for a large cancer charity. 

Tahir holds regular surgeries at the Crescent Centre so residents can ask him for help. The next surgery is on Saturday 12th May from 11.30am to 1pm.

Read Tahir's newsletter here.