Thursday, 14 June 2018

EU Withdrawal Bill chaos shows only the Lib Dems are clear on Brexit.

The EU Withdrawal Bill came back to the House of Commons this week after 15 Government defeats in the Lords. Theresa May’s strategy this week was shaped entirely by her tenuous grip over her own ranks.

Theresa May has struggled for months to maintain Tory unity during her mishandling of Brexit negotiations. Cabinet disputes are spilling into public view, ministers are resigning, and Boris Johnson is whispering about his wish to replace Theresa with Trump.

Since the arrogant decision to call a General Election, the Prime Minister’s control over the Brexit process and her own party has been failing. That’s why she was forced to stall on the meaningful vote amendment this week, offering a thin concession that she hopes will temporarily paper over divisions between remain and leave Tory MPs.

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